Connected to someone (it's me).


These photographs are an account of my personal experience with my project, ‘Looking For A Partner’. ‘Looking For A Partner’, is an exploration of modern man’s inability to be alone, by extending friendship to strangers, through the interface of Chatroulette. Chatroulette is an anonymous, live-video-feed social media website. Through the process of creating ‘Looking For A Partner’, I captured screenshots of the entire Chatroulette interface, including the video feed of myself. While I focused primarily on my partner, I was still vaguely aware of my presence. This confrontation with self manifested in an intense social phobia before entering Chatroulette.

Throughout the course of my project, I found myself showering, doing my hair and putting on makeup before going onto Chatroulette rather than having to look at myself in an unkempt fashion. After activating my camera on Chatroulette I was immediately confronted with a real-time reflection of myself. I stared at myself, while I waited for the social media website to connect me to a stranger. Once I was connected, the self consciousness of staring at a live video feed of myself began to dissipate. By the time I began photographing my partner, the knowledge that I was simultaneously capturing my likeness had completely faded. However, through capturing my own image, I have become as vulnerable and passive as my partners. What I was left with is a surprising amount of candid self portraits. 

‘Looking For A Partner’ started out as a project of confusion, ambivalence and fear of this new social media technology that broadcasts strangers into your personal space. With this new inception of ‘Looking For A Partner’, I have turned myself into subject and inadvertently turned myself from hunter into prey.